Dry Cleaning Tips
A Little Education

As a general rule, we always recommend dry cleaning your good clothing straight away if it has been stained or dirtied.  Storing food or drink stained garments in your wardrobe will attract moth larvae which will eventually destroy your clothes.

We also suggest calling us for advice before trying to clean it yourself, as a failed attempt may aggravate the problem and ultimately prevent us from removing the stain.

However we encourage all our customers to learn about good garment care and we hope you will find the downloads on this page interesting and informative.

Important Points Regarding Silk And Synthetics
  • Silk garments are particularly prone to colour loss from contact with domestic cleaners, pool products, cream, egg products, liqueurs and spirits.
  • If using an electric iron on silk or other synthetic garments, always keep it on low heat and preferably place a cloth between the iron and the garment